Personal Banking

Choice Personal Checking Basic Checking Direct Deposit Checking
The customizable account to manage your dreams on a daily basis and to your liking.
The perfect account to manage your dreams on a daily basis with unlimited transactions.
This is the account, which allows you to maximize your funds allowing you to enjoy your dreams. Save on monthly maintenance fees and minimum balances with direct deposit.
Senior Citizen Checking Interest Checking Personal Savings
This account allows living all your dreams that you’ve long been investing for. With no minimum balance requirements, or monthly maintenance fess and an unlimited number of transactions, now you can live your dreams.
Receive interest for your larger balances while benefiting from the flexibility of a checking account.
Invest in your dreams safely while keeping a level of flexibility for those unexpected expenses.
Personal Money Market    
The safest way to invest in your dreams and maximize on your deposits with the liquidity that you may need.

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