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International Finance Bank launches financial literacy program, Money Savvy Kids ® benefiting the children of Centro Mater

Miami, FL -- International Finance Bank (IFB), member of Group IF, has selected to support Centro Mater Childcare Services by donating a financial literacy program, Money Savvy Kids Program from Money Savvy Generation,, which as chosen after extensive research by the Centro Mater Curriculum Specialists.

The Money Savvy Kids which reinforces math and reading is designed for grade school children. The programs are divided by grade levels. IFB will provide the program for both Centro Mater locations in Little Havana and Hialeah as well as provide mentors for the delivery of the program.

"At IFB we are committed to the development and improvement of our community; especially the youth, the greatest and most important asset of a society. The IFB team actively and enthusiastically embraced the Centro Mater organization and the work they do to make a real and significant difference in the lives of so many children and their families. We are proud to support this effort and the organization", said Mr. Nelson Alvarado, President and CEO of International Finance Bank.

About Centro Mater

El Centro Mater is a non-profit organization founded in 1968 by Sister Miranda, R.S.C.J. in order to accommodate the educational and developmental needs of the many Cuban children and families who were constantly arriving in Miami. By providing a day care and an after school program for these children, Madre Miranda and her all-volunteer staff were able to alleviate one the many hardships faced by the newly-arrived refugees. Families could set out to work or seek employment knowing that their children were not only in good hands, but getting a head start in their education.

Today, Centro Mater within the 5 sites in Miami and Hialeah serves more than 1200 children in a community that includes U.S. citizens as well as immigrants from Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti, Dominic Republic, Guatemala, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Peru, Costa Rica, Honduras and El Salvador. The pre-school programs currently serve more than a 1000 children daily whose ages range from six-week-old infants to twelve year olds. Approximately 78% of these children come from families who rank under the poverty level and the rest pay according to their abilities.

Among the possibilities of attending a day care center Centro Mater gives these children the opportunity to meet their basics nutrition, health and educational needs on a daily basis. The various programs are classified by age and development levels into the following categories: Infant (1 to 18 months); Toddler (19 to 36 months); Pre-school groups (3 to 5 years old); school-age children (5 to 12 years old), and at risk youth (13 to 18 years old).

The curriculum is designed to give children, at each stage of development, a beginning foundation of success in school and to promote the love of learning. Centro Mater creates a safe, nurturing environment that allows children to be problem-solvers independent explorers and creative thinkers.

About International Finance Bank

Providing community banking services to residents in the South Florida region for over 27 years, International Finance Bank, "IFB," has been supporting the financial needs of its customers with an assortment of banking options which satisfy both personal and commercial requirements.

As part of the International banking conglomerate Grupo IF, a privately held family enterprise that has been conducting business in North and South America for over 50 years, IFB is managed with strong banking principles making it one of the most secure banking institutions in South Florida.

Offering a wide array of depository products and lending solutions, International Finance Bank is an ideal partner for your business. Priding themselves with fast and flexible loan solutions, their team of professional commercial bankers is ready to prepare custom-tailored credit programs to meet the needs of businesses both large and small alike. Whether it's applying for a working capital loan, acquiring equipment and vehicles, or establishing a business credit card for your company's everyday needs, IFB has the reliability and flexibility.

IFB has developed a reputation through the years for truly valuing its customers' banking needs and is always ready to provide a diverse selection of residential loan solutions. Whether to purchase the first home or simply refinancing, IFB has the funds to lend without the hassle and make the home owning dreams come true.

IFB is an active and responsible corporate citizen. Our bankers make a positive difference in numerous civic and community efforts in South Florida by their dedicated involvement in many causes and issues that affect our communities. From dynamic participation in numerous chambers of commerce and business associations, to volunteering time and talent to charitable organizations to simply being there for each other, IFB is always searching ways to strengthening its efforts within the community.

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